Workplace Wellness

We help your employees reduce on-the-job stress, get healthier, become more productive and get more joy out of life by inspiring them to cultivate and sustain a mindful awareness practice.

On-site corporate services

In-House Mindfulness Meditation Studio Pop-Ups
$1,200 for 3 hours or $2,000 for 6 hours

Our mindfulness experts bring the mats and cushions and conduct several mindfulness meditation sessions during the allotted time. Your company provides the space. When we say space we mean any space. People can practice mindfulness anywhere they are.

Virtual corporate services

Shared Corporate Guided Online Mindfulness Classes
$299 Monthly Subscription: Unlimited Employees

With a simple click on a link, your employees come face-to-face with our instructors who guide them in live and pre-recorded group mindfulness meditation practice. This mindfulness training all happens right at their desk or from the convenience and comfort of their home.

Employees are emailed instructions to access the virtual mindfulness meditation studio from their desktop or mobile application for Windows or Mac. The monthly subscription consists of a weekly 45-minute introduction to mindfulness class suitable for beginners and experienced meditators with downloadable meditations to help sustain one’s practice. The subscription also includes a monthly advanced mindfulness meditation class for in-depth study and monthly specialty training such as “Mindfulness in the Workplace” and Mindfulness for Managers classes.